My Idea of a pastor

My Idea of a pastor
He must be a good and holy priest who supports his pastor [his bishop]
A man who loves his flock and his brother priests and listens to them
A man who knows how to manage his staff who keep everything running well
A man who takes care of all the facilities that provide  a home for the flock
A man who knows that his time in his parish may end whenever necessary
But uses his time as if it is permanent till death
He is loved by his flock and is always there for them
He seeks God in everything!
I am blessed to have such a pastor
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To the voter in the upcoming election for Board of Election in Hamilton:

My reason for running for this election is simple. Our children are a gift of God who created them – just as He created all of us. The gifts God gives us become subject to our free will where it comes to their education and formation. God shows us how they should be trained and cared for in order for them to fulfill His desire that they become people of goodness, honor, and decency – that they will attain excellence according to their gifts and seek to use their excellence and pass it on to their own children and our society.

What God seeks can be distorted and prevented by people whose selfish and wrongful agendas actually have little care for Gods truth. Just look around – it is obvious. There are massive systems everywhere which seek to use children for their own gain. They fill the environment with entertainment and temptation and evils designed to do their work.

They infiltrate government and even our schools. They want you to accept their “right” to manipulate our children. We are free to stand in the gap for our children or allow evil to infect them. Are we doing all we can do?

I know that God gives wisdom – whenever we seek it honestly – about what to advance and what to avoid. That is my belief and I would do my best in any capacity I find myself. I seek God and I am accountable for my life and actions to Him. I will answer to God as to how I live out this responsibility, as will every parent and educator – like it or not.
I hope you will pray for the right kind of a Board members. I would want you to vote for those who you believe will be true to what you believe in! Your vote is important – don’t waste it!

God Bless You,
Michael J Donnelly, Hamilton Board of Education candidate.

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The Fathers Blessing

Sitting here in the breakfast room – reflecting upon these sweet and sour days since Jim’s death. I suddenly realize I am the lone patriarch of theis Donnelly clan and I failed last night as we all parted to offer my father blessing upon all of you and yours here or unable to be here these few days.
I am so blessed by each of you and all of you and ask God to close the bonds tightly between us as we go our different ways today. These few days let us see the beauty within each one of you and also showed me how easy it can be to miss all kinds of wonderful days that keep flowing by as years pass so quickly.
So please take this  little practice with you from this day forward: each morning or evening take a moment to bless one another as I am blessing right now. I place my hands upon each of you and make a little sign of the cross upon your forehead – each of you individually including all who were not here, as I pray:
Lord bless this child of Yours as I ask You to take special care of him/her this day – in his/her goings and comings. Keep him/her safe while away and bring him/her home as the sun sets in Your love and the love of this family. I pray in Jesus name, Amen.”
Have a wonderful day – I love you!
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The ad hoc committee [USCCB] against racism [2017]

Bishop George V. Murry of Youngstown, Ohio
Chairman of the ad hoc committee [USCCB] against racism.

Your excellency,

Racism is such a sad reality but if you go no further than a highly popular political reality as it is. You simply sign on the USCCB to take sides with another secular cause!

Racism is the popular “whipping boy” now with the left – they love to “tar and feather” the right with this popular label since they know it is solid gold indefensible.

I hope at least that you Bishops know the smell of a rat when you encounter it because that is what is where you headed. You Bishops seem to desperately want to be “popular” with the culture and this is a super cause. It is filled with Satan and lies to divide and conquer the evil right. Why would you so instantly follow the secular left in this issue?

Racist populate left and right – white, yellow, red and black – young and old and on and on. No group owns the designation “racist” it is like any other sin and belongs to sinners around the globe. Have you not the courage to speak the truth of this fact? If you don’t, you make the Bishops simply another agency of the left in their racist hatred of the right.

If you want even the appearance of seeking truth, then the committee should be represented by as many races and ethnicity groups of people as possible.

What will be the end if you jump on the left’s bandwagon to tar and feather the “evil right” – labeling them as the racists? Do you not see that the far worse racism is to bless the left in their manifest hatred of the right? I cannot believe you Bishops have really prayed more deeply about this sin which men commit against their brothers!

With sincere care – Viva Jesu

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It’s 4am [AUGUST 1, 2017] and I got up at 2 restless and forbidden to have food or liquid of any kind – funny how little things crowd out others in my mind when they are forbidden to the senses. I’m glad to have this time for prayer – so quiet except for the Daystar channel which has worship music [only instrumental] so peaceful with scenery.
All of a sudden this thought comes to me. I have so many companions today who, hearing about my spine operation, assured me of their prayers. Then the number grows and I can hardly take it in. I am humbled in the goodness of God for so many companions today – it’s humbling and beyond.
So I want to say thanks to all of you and all the others I don’t even have their name because Fr Jay mentioned my operation that should happen this day last Sunday at mass. Our faith is so immense – beyond comprehension. May the Good Lord bless all of us today into forever as we companions join hands and hearts when we meet forever with Him!
    ​Viva Jesu
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Amoris Laetitia will destroy many marriages!

My parents were divorced twice during my youth. I fear that the current controversy almost ignores the effects upon children when the home is broken and children must choose between parents or who knows whom!
Perhaps Amoris Laetitia is “helpful” to some couples but I fear that hierarchy members can be awfully isolated from the media power set upon the destruction of marriage and family – the media  are clearly agents of satan in most moral situations.
Yet in Rome they seem to lack understanding of the miniscule influence of church teaching upon those couples in trouble and the overwhelming power of the media and its’ “experts” upon those same couples – an influence which readily translates this letter from the Pope  into an easy way out of marriage for anyone who sees it as “permission” to divorce.
I fear the apparent situation is one in which the Vatican does not want to be bothered and feels it will “go away” in time. The valid statistics prove them terribly wrong in the unbelievable numbers of Catholics who are turning away from Catholic teaching and tradition in droves. Catholic Marriages hold up no better than any other. Something is terribly wrong in our church and the average Catholic is exposed to very little of it.
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Dear Grandson,

First, my appreciation to you for working these many years to succeed as you have in promotion from Middle School to High School this coming Fall. Thanks to your mom and dad for all the ways they have supported you and your brother over these years in order to encourage and help you succeed, You belong to an awesome family of which we are part of the elder generation. We enjoy encouraging and applauding you.

Shortly after a couple years in my grade school, the teachers told my parents that my vision was very poor and that they needed to seek medical care for me – which they did and thus began a lifetime of having to wear glasses. Those of us so afflicted, hated the restriction of having to wear them – they broke easily and cost about $50.00 a pair [a lot of money during those depression years] plus the high cost of having to take a train to the nearest city where you could get them. So, I was told – in no uncertain terms – that I was forbidden to play any risky sports which ended a lot of fun for me.

Fast forward to college years 25 years later [after my first US Army time] when I finally tried out to take up Track and do so as a Pole Vaulter. With the coaching of my roommate who was a fine pole vaulter, I was able to participate as a school athlete for the first time in my life. I loved the exercise and training and practice which meant long hard hours including weekends, evenings, and vacation time. My friend [AND COACH], Harry and I traveled all over Maryland and nearby states to enter track meets. You can thus imagine how much I enjoyed being a school athlete and I was very proud of it – even though my wins were very few and far between. I won a treasured 3rd place in one NCAA meet as a senior. When I graduated, I got a college letter from Mt St Marys and it has always had a place in our homes.

Now it is time to pass on something I care about to you, a grandson, whom I care about [as I certainly do about all the grandchildren, we have been given]. So you have worked to use your talent and speed in Middle School by running very well for your school. I am proud of you and hope you will be able to compete in High School and College. If you do, you will have to work harder than most of your classmates to succeed. It is your choice but it has great rewards to those who can do so.

Much love,
Proud to be your grandfather,

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