To the voter in the upcoming election for Board of Election in Hamilton:

My reason for running for this election is simple. Our children are a gift of God who created them – just as He created all of us. The gifts God gives us become subject to our free will where it comes to their education and formation. God shows us how they should be trained and cared for in order for them to fulfill His desire that they become people of goodness, honor, and decency – that they will attain excellence according to their gifts and seek to use their excellence and pass it on to their own children and our society.

What God seeks can be distorted and prevented by people whose selfish and wrongful agendas actually have little care for Gods truth. Just look around – it is obvious. There are massive systems everywhere which seek to use children for their own gain. They fill the environment with entertainment and temptation and evils designed to do their work.

They infiltrate government and even our schools. They want you to accept their “right” to manipulate our children. We are free to stand in the gap for our children or allow evil to infect them. Are we doing all we can do?

I know that God gives wisdom – whenever we seek it honestly – about what to advance and what to avoid. That is my belief and I would do my best in any capacity I find myself. I seek God and I am accountable for my life and actions to Him. I will answer to God as to how I live out this responsibility, as will every parent and educator – like it or not.
I hope you will pray for the right kind of a Board members. I would want you to vote for those who you believe will be true to what you believe in! Your vote is important – don’t waste it!

God Bless You,
Michael J Donnelly, Hamilton Board of Education candidate.

About Michael Donnelly Sr

Born in 1936; married to Nancy in 1966l 2 children who have given us 5 grandchildren, 2 dogs, and a cat. Lifelong Catholic with a long career in computing and networks. Conservative, constitutionalist who strongly supports our God-given rights enshrined in the US Declaration of Independence and our Constitution. [WPCHRG.COM]
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