The Fathers Blessing

Sitting here in the breakfast room – reflecting upon these sweet and sour days since Jim’s death. I suddenly realize I am the lone patriarch of theis Donnelly clan and I failed last night as we all parted to offer my father blessing upon all of you and yours here or unable to be here these few days.
I am so blessed by each of you and all of you and ask God to close the bonds tightly between us as we go our different ways today. These few days let us see the beauty within each one of you and also showed me how easy it can be to miss all kinds of wonderful days that keep flowing by as years pass so quickly.
So please take this  little practice with you from this day forward: each morning or evening take a moment to bless one another as I am blessing right now. I place my hands upon each of you and make a little sign of the cross upon your forehead – each of you individually including all who were not here, as I pray:
Lord bless this child of Yours as I ask You to take special care of him/her this day – in his/her goings and comings. Keep him/her safe while away and bring him/her home as the sun sets in Your love and the love of this family. I pray in Jesus name, Amen.”
Have a wonderful day – I love you!

About Michael Donnelly Sr

Born in 1936; married to Nancy in 1966l 2 children who have given us 5 grandchildren, 2 dogs, and a cat. Lifelong Catholic with a long career in computing and networks. Conservative, constitutionalist who strongly supports our God-given rights enshrined in the US Declaration of Independence and our Constitution. [WPCHRG.COM]
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