A Brave hero has humbly retired!

This morning as usual, I sat down to have some time with the Lord and in the midst of that time, read some of what has been said about our Holy Father’s retirement.

All of a sudden, a deep sadness came over me and as I sat mourning the loss of this wonderful Holy Father to retirement, I began to think about how much weight Benedict has born for all of us and myself by living his pontificate so fully. He has done nothing but serve us.

He has traveled around the world again and again to bless us and encourage out faith. I began to realize how I – how we – would miss him as our Holy Father yet realizing how much we should pray in asking God for someone like Benedict to be elected in his place.

About Michael Donnelly Sr

Born in 1936; married to Nancy in 1966l 2 children who have given us 5 grandchildren, 2 dogs, and a cat. Lifelong Catholic with a long career in computing and networks. Conservative, constitutionalist who strongly supports our God-given rights enshrined in the US Declaration of Independence and our Constitution. [WPCHRG.COM]
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