Innocent Lives Snuffed Out in Aurora, CO

Our Question to Mr. Politician:

Since you are so hell bent [as we all are] on ending senseless murders [in or out of theatres, schools, churches, allys, and so forth, you owe it to us to explain exactly what laws, including the wording of such law[s] – that you are convinced will accomplish your noble task! If you are unable to answer this simple question, are you not in fact simply politicizing this issue not having a clue what to do? What laws have you passed in the past decade that are not being enforced and why?

Mr. Politician, We who belief in the Bill of Rights completely, suspect that you and your kind really have no idea beyond what has already been done for many years to punish those who engage in illegal use of guns of all kinds. We are convinced by your own rhetoric that what you are again – as you have so many times – doing, is simply seeking to confiscate guns from everyone that is living or staying in the United States. We are sure you know – as well as we do – that you will only actually confiscate guns from non-criminals, since criminals will not hand over their illicit guns.

We also believe – just as did our nations’ founders – that you would like to end the constitutional right to own firearms in our nation. We also do not think you will answer our questions any more honestly than you have done in the past! Thus we must fight you in every way possible from eroding the constitution of this great nation as much as possible. We also know that most of you owe allegiance to a president who simply has very little integrity – who distorts truth whenever it serves his own agenda.

Finally, we cannot help but wonder how you and your allies can be so readily and willingly take an ax to the finest system of government ever known? We pray that more and more Americans wake up to what you and your leader are doing to destroy our way of life!

About Michael Donnelly Sr

Born in 1936; married to Nancy in 1966l 2 children who have given us 5 grandchildren, 2 dogs, and a cat. Lifelong Catholic with a long career in computing and networks. Conservative, constitutionalist who strongly supports our God-given rights enshrined in the US Declaration of Independence and our Constitution. [WPCHRG.COM]
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