Every week brings another attack upon eligious freedom in America.

In my lifetime, two governments took on the Church as an enemy in
hopes of neutralizing it or destroying it. Hitler neutralized the
Church and Russia did it’s best to destroy it.

The Church is the only enemy the state really fears since the Church
refuses to answer to the state as the highest authority over man –
they honor the one true God. This constitutes a huge and dangerous
enemy dictators and now to the socialist state of Obama.  Obama knows enough of history to fear the independence of the Church which
declares that it answers first to God. The Obama playbook extracts
Russian and Hitler lessons to at least neutralize the Church and if
you read the events of the Obama years, the attack is clearer every
month of his reign. Since there are far more institutions devoted to
freedom in the US, Obama focuses on neutralization of Church versus
destruction. Too many people who love freedom join the Church when
they see how freedom itself under attack in America, not just the

Remember, Stalin bragged that the Church had no military divisions to fight himself and he could crush the Church. Today’s Church has found many allies.

Those who demand unrestrained sex are at war with God and will do
everything possible to destroy God and His rule over souls. They care
far less about sexual freedom – which they already have for all intent
and purpose – than the end of God in the world.

Hopefully, enough people who understand that the destruction of
freedom is their enslavement, will put a stop to Obama who answers to no god other than the god he has defined for much of his life. His
only acknowledgement of God comes from a few political advisers who
advise him to placate the people a bit here and there.

The man who once refused to salute our flag and reverence public
prayer, uses the radical homosexual army for his own far greater
agenda to change America and they – like sheep of many a leader in the past, hold up their signs and cheer him on and promise their lives to his re-election ignoring the reality that their freedom ends when
ohers’ does.

About Michael Donnelly Sr

Born in 1936; married to Nancy in 1966l 2 children who have given us 5 grandchildren, 2 dogs, and a cat. Lifelong Catholic with a long career in computing and networks. Conservative, constitutionalist who strongly supports our God-given rights enshrined in the US Declaration of Independence and our Constitution. [WPCHRG.COM]
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