It’s 4am [AUGUST 1, 2017] and I got up at 2 restless and forbidden to have food or liquid of any kind – funny how little things crowd out others in my mind when they are forbidden to the senses. I’m glad to have this time for prayer – so quiet except for the Daystar channel which has worship music [only instrumental] so peaceful with scenery.
All of a sudden this thought comes to me. I have so many companions today who, hearing about my spine operation, assured me of their prayers. Then the number grows and I can hardly take it in. I am humbled in the goodness of God for so many companions today – it’s humbling and beyond.
So I want to say thanks to all of you and all the others I don’t even have their name because Fr Jay mentioned my operation that should happen this day last Sunday at mass. Our faith is so immense – beyond comprehension. May the Good Lord bless all of us today into forever as we companions join hands and hearts when we meet forever with Him!
    ​Viva Jesu
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Amoris Laetitia will destroy many marriages!

My parents were divorced twice during my youth. I fear that the current controversy almost ignores the effects upon children when the home is broken and children must choose between parents or who knows whom!
Perhaps Amoris Laetitia is “helpful” to some couples but I fear that hierarchy members can be awfully isolated from the media power set upon the destruction of marriage and family – the media  are clearly agents of satan in most moral situations.
Yet in Rome they seem to lack understanding of the miniscule influence of church teaching upon those couples in trouble and the overwhelming power of the media and its’ “experts” upon those same couples – an influence which readily translates this letter from the Pope  into an easy way out of marriage for anyone who sees it as “permission” to divorce.
I fear the apparent situation is one in which the Vatican does not want to be bothered and feels it will “go away” in time. The valid statistics prove them terribly wrong in the unbelievable numbers of Catholics who are turning away from Catholic teaching and tradition in droves. Catholic Marriages hold up no better than any other. Something is terribly wrong in our church and the average Catholic is exposed to very little of it.
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Dear Grandson,

First, my appreciation to you for working these many years to succeed as you have in promotion from Middle School to High School this coming Fall. Thanks to your mom and dad for all the ways they have supported you and your brother over these years in order to encourage and help you succeed, You belong to an awesome family of which we are part of the elder generation. We enjoy encouraging and applauding you.

Shortly after a couple years in my grade school, the teachers told my parents that my vision was very poor and that they needed to seek medical care for me – which they did and thus began a lifetime of having to wear glasses. Those of us so afflicted, hated the restriction of having to wear them – they broke easily and cost about $50.00 a pair [a lot of money during those depression years] plus the high cost of having to take a train to the nearest city where you could get them. So, I was told – in no uncertain terms – that I was forbidden to play any risky sports which ended a lot of fun for me.

Fast forward to college years 25 years later [after my first US Army time] when I finally tried out to take up Track and do so as a Pole Vaulter. With the coaching of my roommate who was a fine pole vaulter, I was able to participate as a school athlete for the first time in my life. I loved the exercise and training and practice which meant long hard hours including weekends, evenings, and vacation time. My friend [AND COACH], Harry and I traveled all over Maryland and nearby states to enter track meets. You can thus imagine how much I enjoyed being a school athlete and I was very proud of it – even though my wins were very few and far between. I won a treasured 3rd place in one NCAA meet as a senior. When I graduated, I got a college letter from Mt St Marys and it has always had a place in our homes.

Now it is time to pass on something I care about to you, a grandson, whom I care about [as I certainly do about all the grandchildren, we have been given]. So you have worked to use your talent and speed in Middle School by running very well for your school. I am proud of you and hope you will be able to compete in High School and College. If you do, you will have to work harder than most of your classmates to succeed. It is your choice but it has great rewards to those who can do so.

Much love,
Proud to be your grandfather,

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Radical Muslim Freepass

The last few generations exposed two grave attacks upon us. One is the infiltration of the priesthood with homosexual activists and predators; the second is the end of true Muslim religion by the infiltration of radical, hate-filled, violent, murdering Muslims who have taken over their control of their religion and silenced opposition from within and without – especially Christian opposition.

Within Christianity, the Catholic Church from top to bottom has mounted a war against homosexual clerics who have sexually abused Catholics, young and old. They have purged seminaries, and other Catholic institutions and the hierarchy of their enemies within the faith. All Catholics support this except the gay army.

From within the Muslim faith, nothing has taken place to cleanse the membership of the radical, killers who now have widespread control over their Muslim faith having muzzled their “own.” From without, the non Muslim world is being silenced by Christians so as to prevent opposition to the radicals.

This upside down insanity should be labeled what it is: a success of Satan and his legions who control more and more Christian voices so as to become silenced and even allies in many cases of the radical Islamists. They are successful so long as Christian leadership not only tolerates [but far worse] accepts the Muslim faith as equal to the true Church of Jesus Christ. Most of our Catholic hierarchy avcoids declaring war against radical Islam from the pulpit which is must do without which it appears to have abandoned the flock!

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The truth will set you free!

The liberals always start out the same way to solve the curse of immorality and wasteful life. They always propose legal pressure reliefs that will permit a little bit of wrongful life which will solve big problems. So if we legalize some lesser dangerous drugs, people will experience relief and move on with their lives in a positive way.If we tolerate some “tragic” abortions, we will reduce the problem of uncontrolled sexual engagement.

At the same time, we seem to refuse to demand proof that these reliefs work! Of course, they don’t work. Bad living when tolerated, leads to more and worse ways of abuse and the world has countless evidence of this truth. After very few years, the legalization of pot – for example – is resulting in more and worse drug abuse and on and on.Abortion that was promised as safe and in-frequent has become the worse way of cruel murder in the history of mankind.

Now our church is “playing” with the idea of easier ways to co-habit and divorce – in hopes of improving the ideal of marriage and family. It is as if “and the truth will set you free” as taught by Jesus needs to be quieted down! This won’t work either. The ideal or solid stable marriage and family must be proclaimed and supported even more now.

The response to deception and lies is always the truth!

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A temporary respite – a blessing [with crossed fingers] but not a word that would seek Gods blessing and give Him thanks.
I thank our Church for the few scattered courageous clerics from Deacon to Archbishop but the operative word is “few,” isn’t it. The words you include make a strong statement that the Church has little effect on Catholic decision making when we see how many Catholics indeed voted for the continued massacre of children – the continued justification and legality of the gay agenda in all its’ filth – the continued advance on suicide, euthanasia and “mercy killing” which are championed by Democrats and their standard-bearer, Hillary.
The only way Trump’s victory might mean something to our nation and world will be if Christians and Catholic-Christians are led to their knees in thanks and commitment to life. Call it skeptical, but I heard not one scintilla from the Christian Church this morning to temper my skepticism.
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Carry on brother.

We are lazy and in love with our toys – we are the rich soil to be used by the smart evil liberal which plans to rule over us starting in 2017 and there is good reason to believe this scenario.

Many elections have been lost over my lifetime, by people who want a Godly America – that of Washington, Jefferson, Adams,Lincoln – the founders of our once great nation.

Satan rose up in China and gave us dirt cheap toys to occupy our minds, schools, media, Hollywood and on and on – toys to steal what little time we might have had to take back America.

Satan has likely won the current battle as evidenced in the reality that this election is a jousting match between ungodly politicians while the few good ones are being crushed. We are watching the rewriting of the constitution into the framework for a secular state set against God.

Thus I pray for our grandchildren – that thay may become the new “minutemen” of the future that will revolt against Hillary and her legions of evil doers bent upon destroying God and His children.

We are wasting a few months of 2016 in which Christian martyrs will hopefully take up the fight and be slaughtered, I fear. Will the real Christian Church become infected by the spirit of these martyrs? Will we waste our energy on ungodly politicians? Let us pray and join those who will decide to stand for God – regardless of the cost.

The lights went out on 9/11/01 We failed to turn them back on!

Carry on brother.

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